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Asbestos is a mineral which occurs naturally and was once used in abundance to manufacture everything from homes to fireproof vests. It was mixed in cement due to its properties of heat resistance and strength. Every branch of the United States military used asbestos in some form for maintenance, construction, and repair. Asbestos was perfect until it was discovered that it is highly toxic. Concerns of illness related to asbestos began to rise and restrictions were placed on the use of asbestos and it began to be phased out and finally banned in most countries.

The Environmental Protection Agency states that there are six different types of asbestos which are amosite, chrysotile, crocidolite, actinolite, anthophyllite, and tremolite. All forms of asbestos used commercially are carcinogenic. If your Snohomish County, WA home was built before 1986 there is a likelihood that it could contain asbestos. Since asbestos was used in insulation, flame retardant which was applied to spray, false ceilings, ducts and small, closed-off spaces, chances are it could be placed throughout your home. You can find out by having a sample material tested with Advanced Asbestos Co LLC in Lynnwood, WA and if there is asbestos present you can consider asbestos removal.

Asbestos Removal

Illnesses related to asbestos are caused by exposure due to the exposure. Second hand exposure can be brought on from fibers brought home on a worker’s clothing. Also, homes in Lynnwood, WA built before 1986 gradually fall apart over time, dislodging asbestos fibers which then travel through the air. Asbestos is known to cause mesothelioma cancer.

Anybody living in a home where asbestos is present could be inhaling asbestos fibers at any time. If asbestos is present in ceiling tiles, siding, insulation, flooring, or shingles, pets too can become sick after inhaling asbestos fibers. So, asbestos removal with Advanced Asbestos Co LLC is optimal for everyone’s health.

Asbestos Removal

If any part of a house was built using asbestos and a natural disaster such as a tornado, fire, or flood occurs, asbestos laced materials can be badly damaged resulting in asbestos becoming airborne. Advanced Asbestos Co LLC has many available alternatives to asbestos which can be used as insulation and all other building materials. These alternatives are much safer options than living with asbestos in your Snohomish County home.

Asbestos removal from Advanced Asbestos Co LLC is key to ensuring the environment around you is free from toxic pollution. Remember to test for asbestos before beginning on any repairs or new building projects within your home. Look for a certified asbestos consultant like Advanced Asbestos Co LLC, who can perform accredited tests for asbestos. Our Lynnwood, WA professionals will also be able to recommend the appropriate process for the safe removal and containment of the asbestos. We will be able to monitor the removal process accurately and certify the successful removal of the asbestos.